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  • Increases cellular communication
  • Great for auto immune challenges
  • Great for Kids with allergies
  • Broad range of polysaccharides

  • The terms glyconutrients, essential sugars, saccharides, carbohydrates, and polysaccharides all mean the exact same thing. This simple understanding is essential as we now refer to our product as "rich in polysaccharides."

    • New Better Tasting Formula.
    • Mixes well with water or juice.
    • Easily Digests.
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    Kids Polysaccharides

    The focus on healthy living has grown in the past few years, and is the reason that a market for kids polysaccharides even exists. There is a bigger drive towards eating foods that are low in fat and calories and high in nutrients. People have also begun to be concerned with exposure to toxins and now have an understanding of how harmful that can be.

    With this new healthy conscious developing there has been a great rise in scientific research and study into better ways to prevent and treat diseases and illnesses. The focus has shifted from creating pharmaceuticals to trying to find more natural ways of keeping people healthy.


    History of Polysaccharides

    One such discovery through this process of natural living has been nutraceuticals. Nutraceuticals are natural, plant based substances that are taken as supplements. There have been plenty of studies that have shown the benefits of a range of nurtraceuticals, such as glyconutrients.

    Polysaccharides are actually one of the most promising discoveries of the nutraceutical studies. This supplement has great promise as being one of the most beneficial nutraceuticals on the market. To better understand the potential risks and benefits of new health products, it's a good idea to understand the basic assumptions behind them.


    Overview of Essential Sugars

    As you have already learned, polysaccharides are a nutraceutical. It is a dietary supplement for both adults and kids. Polysaccharides contain a blend of the 8 essential sugars needed by the body. These 8 essential sugars are: xylose, fucose, galactose, mannose, N-acetylgucosamine, N-actylgalactosamine and N-actylneuaminic.

    Polysaccharides become beneficial to the body when they attach to proteins. This creates glycoproteins that serve as a covering on cells. Through this covering cells can communicate. The communication of cells is vital to the survival of the human body. Without enough polysaccharides to attach to the proteins, the body simply uses the proteins and some cells may go uncovered and therefore be unable to communicate properly with other cells.

    Main functions aided by taking a polysaccharide supplement are the formation of collagen, the sustaining and proper operation of the immune system, communication of cells, the process of fertilization, blood clotting and lubrication within the body. The main benefit of having enough glycoprotein in the body is overall good health.

    Cell communication helps to keep a person free from disease and illness, slows aging and tells the body how to function and how to react. Every cell in the body needs glyconutrients. This cellular identifier is a common deficiency in adults and kids, which leads to an array of illnesses, diseases and other health issues.


    Healthy Claims of Polysaccharides

    It is clear that the body needs polysaccharides, but it is not so clear why there is a need for a supplement. The reason behind this has to do with the food we eat.

    Most people believe that by eating a balanced diet, avoiding unhealthy foods and eating fresh fruits and vegetables that they get all the nutrients they need. This used to be very true. It is no longer true, though. Food today is much different than it was in the past.

    It may be hard to realize just what modernization has done to impact our food. Food travels farther than ever before due to the ability and ease of transportation by train, air, boat and road. Farmers use new methods of harvesting, planting and maintaining crops. Packaging of food has changed, too, with many new technologies being used to package food faster and more efficiently. All of these variances have had an affect on the food we eat, stripping them of vital nutrients.

    People who eat plenty of fruits and vegetables likely believe they are getting all the nutrients they need because these foods are naturally packed with a lot of nutrients. Unless you are eating fruits and vegetables that you just got from your own garden, you are not getting near the amount of nutrients you think you are.

    The food you buy at the grocery store has been grown in soil that may not have all the necessary nutrients. This food has been harvested quickly and probably earlier than it should have been so it can ripen as it is transported and set on the store's shelf. It has also traveled far and been sitting.

    Food that is grown in nutrient depleted soil, harvested too early and off the vine for longer than 48 hours will have a great loss of nutrients. Once you get that food home you likely cook it is some way, and this process further depletes the nutrients.

    This is why most people do not get the needed glyconutrients in their daily diet and why there is such a need for a glyconutrient supplement.


    Benefits of Polysaccharides

    Polysaccharides are a solution to many health problems. They are not a medication that treats symptoms, but rather a supplement to the body's natural defense system - the immune system. Polysaccharides do not treat symptoms. Instead, they get to the root of the problem.

    Essential sugars aid in and help to treat many common health problems. These problems include general problems like inflammation and more severe health concerns such as HIV/AIDS and cancer.

    White blood cells attacking bacteria in body tissue cause inflammation. Polysaccharides help to increase the ability of the white blood cells to attack the bacteria, so this in turn reduces inflammation.

    HIV/AIDS is caused when the virus attaches to cells, converting the cells into the virus and spreading it throughout the body. Glyconutrients proponents claim that they help to prevent HIV/AIDS from attaching to cells and thus halting the spread of the disease.

    Cancer cells are tough and they often break away and start attaching to other cells in the body where they then grow into a tumor. Chemotherapy is often a treatment method for this disease. Polysaccharides aid chemotherapy by weakening the cancer cells so they can not spread throughout the body and adding the drug to better reach cancerous cells and kill them.


    Kids Polysaccharides

    Kids are at even greater dietary risk than adults to regards to nutrient deficiency. Kids are picky eaters and despite the best efforts from parents they often do not eat the right foods. Even then, due to nutrient depletion in foods, the little healthy food they may be willing to eat is not packed with nutrients. Kids can easily become deficient in glyconutrients. A deficiency in nutrients has been directly linked to malnutrition in kids. Polysaccharides supplements are very safe for kids because they are an all natural, food based substance.

    Polysaccharides have been shown to help reduce common childhood illnesses, both those caused by bacteria and viruses. They have also shown to be very beneficial in the treatment of some serious health conditions often occurring in childhood, such as ADHD, severe food allergies and autism.


    How Kids Polysaccharides Make Healthier Kids

    Kids polysaccharide supplements provide children with the nutrients they lack in their diets. This boost of nutrients is linked to improvement of some serious childhood health problems, as mentioned.

    ADHD is a neurologically based disorder. It causes behavioral problems and is linked to the body's improper reaction to stimuli. The actual cause of ADHD is unknown and treatment methods often include medications which cause a range of side effects. Many parents claim that this condition is greatly improved through the use of polysaccharides. Polysaccharides suppress symptoms of ADHD by helping the cells to communicate properly and therefore react to stimuli in an acceptable way.

    Severe food allergies go beyond just a simple rash from eating a food. Severe allergies can lead to breathing difficulties, shock and even death. They can be caused just by being around food that triggers the reaction. Severe food allergies are caused by a malfunction in the immune system. Polysaccharides aid the immune system and help it work properly which allows kids suffering from severe food allergies to be able to enjoy a lessened reaction or no reaction at all to the food allergy.

    Autism is another condition where the cause in unknown. It has been linked to toxins in the body. Kids with autism that take glyconutrient supplements get the benefit of the natural cleansing as glyconutrients rid the body of some toxins. Symptoms of autism may lessen in a child taking polysaccharides.

    These serious health concerns are currently being studied more in depth to see just how glyconutrients work to treat them. There is a range of patient data that backs up the fact that glyconutrients are very beneficial to kids and can help them avoid major health problems like these.


    Recommended Daily Allowance of Kids Polysaccharides

    There is no risk associated with taking polysaccharides. The ingredients are naturally found in foods we already eat. Therefore it is not possible to overdose on the products. The daily recommended dose of kids glyconutrients is � to one teaspoon per day. This can be increased by � teaspoon per day if the child is ill. Follow directions on the package, and always inform your physician of any supplements you give your child.


    Using Kids Polysaccharides

    Adding polysaccharides into your diet or a child's diet is not difficult. There are many different forms of supplements from juices to pills. They are also easy to find. Stores online and offline stock polysaccharide supplements. Bulk discounts can make them very low cost. With no side effect risk and being all natural, glyconutrients are considered safe.

    The benefits of polysaccharides have been seen in numerous studies with many in the medical community starting to recommend a supplement for people of all ages. As more research is done into the benefits and function of polysaccharides there is likely to be much more interest in getting parents to add a kids glyconutrients to the family's diet for maximum health.